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A survey commissioned by British and Irish Millers ‘ National Association revealed that 27 million adults baked during the lockdown. As penny strapped Brits struggle, many trad hot meals for budget bread snacks.
Bread is known worldwide as one of the cheapest nutritious foods. What is relatively easy to grow and is easy to get hold of in most climates. Eating whole grain bread packed with protein, carbohydrates, and minerals.
Bread was the earliest traded product. Back in bible ages, bread was classified as the perfect basic food, compared to each other. It’s revolutionary!
Bread is the world’s most important food. There’s no major country that doesn’t eat leavened flour.
So it’s no surprise that as many have become unemployed, or are afraid to spend on job security, people are cutting their grocery bills. Used to save money, bread boosts a main meal, or replaces a cooked lunch or dinner. Many bakeries report record lockdown sales. Early community feedback shows no sign of slowing down as uncertainty continues.