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Amateur bakers are fascinated with an exceptionally simple recipe that promises to be so straightforward, it is impossible to screw up-even for beginners.

Famous in Asia, short, cake-style loaf is widely known as the softest and most fluffy bread on earth.

So maybe it’s no wonder that foodies are rushing to watch a video on YouTube’s Akino Kitchen cookery channel, which shows viewers how to make bread in two simple steps: dough and chocolate filling.

And true to its name, the recipe proves to be a success among the first-time bakers who say it’s ‘turned awesome’ every time they’ve tried it.
The dough rolled out should then be cut into three columns and twisted over and under each other, just like you’d fold your hair.

When the dough has been braided, it should be raised into a loaf tin and again covered with cling wrap, which will allow it to rise, stopping short of the top of the tub.

After it has risen, the dough should be brushed with the remaining egg to make the bread turn golden brown in the oven, where it must be baked for 25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

When baked, the bread should be light and extremely crispy, lightly browned on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside-ready to eat.

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