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Jacki Dunne decided to give baking at the start of the lockdown. This amazing mum-of-two from Portsmouth licked up the baking bug like many yet turned herself into a baking sensation.

“So I just kept thinking about it and the idea never went away! I then messaged some friends and family and asked them if they’d buy a treat box from me for £5 so I could get some feedback” says Jacki. 

“And they all loved it!”

The British baker persuaded her brother to make a logo and set up a Facebook page to conduct her sales. It all started to get real!

Unlike many of the other social media sellers, this entrepreneurial lady took a food hygiene course. 

The kitchen has been baking since June, and she’s been busy ever since.

“It’s been so busy and I’ve had nothing but amazing feedback! I love choosing new flavours and thinking of new ideas and I love taking photos of the bakes.”

Visit Jacki at Just Dunne Baking if you are in the Plymouth area.