You are currently viewing Lockdown hits Uk towns but will the home baking revival return

During the previous lockdown, thousands of us either got back into or started home baking. We heard the stories of flour running out, egg shelves empty and yeast selling for £55 a tin! Gareth Busby from Busby’s Bakery School reported a high influx in website traffic during this period too, “the site was fairly new as lockdown came upon us, I had just gone full time on the project as well! Site visits spiralled in a couple of days mainly looking for recipes beginner troubleshooting.”

“It was great to see so many people on the site and I really enjoyed the feedback and insights it gave me. is all about giving back and helping people make better bread. As much as I can give away whilst keeping it profitable I will do!” Said Gareth.

It was a crazy time, but will baking madness be repeated this time around? I asked Gareth his thoughts, “I think not. We’ll not the home baker anyway. I believe that there will be an influx of people who will give up on the government or their furloughed jobs and start to do something on their own that they enjoy. Small business is going to get us out of this recession and we need to work together as a nation to get out of this hole.”

There you go, we will see if Gareth is correct! if you’d like to see Busby’s Bakery, take a look at his baking website.