You are currently viewing New upcycling puzzler launches Traption Bakery

Released this week, the lovingly-drawn challenge by Jon Prestidge asks you to transform piles of waste into a self-sufficient monstrosity of baking.

Back in 2016, Traption Bakery first debuted on mobile, a sprawling, incomprehensible network of breadmaking machinery framed in … well, a picture.

The construction at Traption Bakery is complete, rather than having you build a bread-making machine from scratch in a Factorio way. Instead, it is your responsibility to decide how this Rube Goldberg contraption actually works, prodding and poking and pulling at the different wheels, speeds, pulleys and buttons to figure out exactly what they do.

It is a nice premise, and one embedded in what Prestidge terms “upcyclepunk”: the process of reusing and repurposing products in a “working, attractive and fascinating way.” Old fairground rides, tall ship wheels, brass instruments, lamps, beakers, and all kinds of miscellaneous nonsense cobble his system together, then. It’s all quite cleanly put together, too, penned in a style of architectural drafting far removed from Getting Over Its cluttered hodge-podge.

It seems a nightmare to solve the contraption, but then, to Prestidge, that seems hardly the point. A slower speed is urged by the Steam list, an idle peek here or there to see what things are doing. “This, too, is a curio,” he calculates. “Every now and then, just zoom in, zone out, look around and marvel at all the insane stuff.” That’s fine, pal, but I’m craving a good sourdough loaf and need to find out how this blasted oven works.

Traption Bakery is out now on Steam for £3.99/€3.99/$4.99.