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COVID-19 Has struck many industries hard, with little inclination of when things will get back to normal the event industry has a major influence.

Many companies have had to adjust to the current environment and Bread & Butter, an Andover catering company, has introduced an exciting and innovative way to enjoy quality food.

Owners Lewis and Amanda, who run Tangley’s Bread and Butter, have transformed their company to a special dining experience that you can enjoy with friends and family in private surroundings, with Lewis cooking delicious food and hosting Amanda.

Amanda told Andover Radio “We host an array of unique, seasonal COVID friendly dining experiences, the idea is that we have a menu available whatever the occasion, our ‘Catch up & Grazing menu’ is perfect for those of you who would like a more relaxed way of dining, we have also created a ‘Best of British Taster Menu’ which is a finer approach to dining for those big foodies out there…. last but not least the great British Sunday roast that will not disappoint! we have a selection of board & card games for that perfect Sunday chill“

Lewis is a keen believer in the usage of fresh local goods whenever feasible in the hospitality industry, said he “I grew up around farms and my family were in the hospitality industry, we had one place where we embarked on an ethos of using ingredients that originated from the county of Hampshire, we had a kitchen garden and it was such a privilege to have that, you’re very hands on with the ingredients and as a chef it takes you to another level, seeing the ingredients develop and grow and it’s this that we really want to display and share.”

For Lewis and Amanda, this exciting new way to eat and relax with friends and family was always on the menu, but it came sooner than expected. Lewis told Radio Andover “This was something we had planned for the summer of 2021 as now we should be in the midst of wedding season and then with Christmas coming up the Christmas events would of been been a big thing for us.

So we have brought this initiate forward, we have converted our catering kitchen into a space that is comfortable and COVID friendly with all the rules and measures in place. This is for people who might not be ready to rush back into the pubs and restaurants, even those places have done a fantastic job in making everything safe for their customers. We have created a space where people can have their own private dining space”.

You can book your exclusive Bread & Butter private dining experience by visiting their website.