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Call it fear of the frisbee or fear of the doorstop, however I normally prevent utilizing lower-gluten ancient wheats as the only flours in entire grain artisan-style breads. Usually, I either utilize these wheats for pan loaves or combine them with tough red or tough white wheats in order to have a dough with sufficient gluten strength to increase and be reasonably airy inside. For this dish, I desired to press my envelope and usage just entire grain ancient wheat flours.

I selected spelt and Kamut for this task. I figured spelt might be the main flour in the dish due to the fact that the all-spelt loaves I have actually made with Eric’s entire grain spelt dish have actually ended up terrific, and due to the fact that spelt’s taste is nutty and smooth. I desired Kamut in the mix too, due to the fact that of it’s buttery, somewhat sweet taste and due to the fact that the entire grain loaves of @j4m3s4j on Instagram look tasty. They’re made with a mix of spelt, Kamut, and difficult white spring wheat. Both Kamut and spelt have less gluten strength than difficult white spring wheat, however I was enthusiastic the bread would end up tasty and not too flat.

Spelt on the left; Kamut on the In my dish screening, I integrated these wheats in 2 various methods: The very first was low hydration and a moderate quantity of starter. The second was high hydration and high shot. The latter loaf fermented faster and the crumb had some bigger holes, nevertheless this wetter dough was a lot more tough to form. I folded and re-folded it most likely 6 times prior to putting it in the proofing basket. This aggressive shaping appeared to work( it’s the batard in the picture listed below), however I advise making the clothes dryer dough unless you remain in the state of mind for a shaping obstacle. I’ll consist of solutions for both.

The bread ended up rather scrumptious, with a lot of oven spring and a great crumb; a little open and soft– ideal for the grilled cheese sandwiches in the image listed below. If you have an interest in seeing a sourdough bread made with only Kamut flour, have a look at this article.

In the future, I prepare to check the dish utilizing entire grain durum wheat in location of Kamut. The 2 wheats are rather close genetically, and both have a gorgeous golden color and rather buttery taste.