You are currently viewing Puratos on a mission to Re-invent the way consumers view indulgence

Under its RE-invent Indulgence strategy – which encompasses Real ingredients, Responsible choices and Re-imagined textures – the global ingredients specialist has developed a series of better-for-you products, including a line of plant-based cake and brownie mixes, Steamed Cake Donuts that feature innovative textures, clean label Topfil fruit fillings and Belcolade Sugar-Reduced Chocolate.

According to the company, “these exciting new textures, better-for-you ingredients and field-to-fork fruit fillings, sourced from local farmers prove that taste, health and care for people and planet can go hand in hand.”

Time to re-think the future of sweet goods

Puratos’ 2019 Taste Tomorrow Consumer Study revealed that 85% of US consumers read ingredients labels, while 2020 research from Packaged Facts noted 36% of Americans follow a plant-based diet. A further study found that 56% believe food in retail is too sweet, meaning “there has never been a better time to re-think the future of sweet goods,” ​said Jessica Blondeel, senior product manager of Patisserie at Puratos USA.

Already a leader in supplying innovative products, raw materials and application expertise for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors, Puratos believes the unification of its strategy under ‘Re-invent Indulgence’ will bring new life to the sweet goods category and accelerate bakers’ business with products their customers can feel good about.

“RE-invent Indulgence is a groundbreaking way of bringing more fruit, more grains, less sugar and lighter textures into a category that has historically meant choosing between indulgence and health,” ​added Blondeel.

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