You are currently viewing Grüninger launches innovative custom-flavouring process for clean label better-for-you bakery fats

At the heart of the process is a natural rosemary extract-derived antioxidant that can be custom-flavoured to match specific applications. In addition to stabilising the flavour of margarines, as well as vegetable and animal oils and fats, the neutralised fats overcome the common hurdles that arise when replacing solid palm fat with alternative oils; extend the product’s shelf life; increase heat stability during baking; and impart an optimised mouthfeel.

Ticking consumer demands

Aligned with today’s consumer trends, healthy plant-based fats are in high demand, while the acceptability of products containing palm oil is declining. However, alternatives such as rapeseed oil bring notable challenges, including intense organoleptic properties, high oxidation potential and individual processing requirements.

According to Grüninger, its innovative process offers several advantages from factory to fork.

Firstly, any oxidation-labile fatty acids are stabilised during refining and crystallisation with the help of a natural antioxidant. This both significantly extends the shelf-life of the end product and prevents the occurrence of heat-induced off-flavours that can arise during baking.

By adding special masking flavours to the fat phase, any undesirable flavours are masked in a second step before the desired top note is integrated into the structure during the precisely controlled crystallisation stage.

Flavour notes

In addition to natural butter and vanilla notes, possible flavours include creamy-milky, fresh-sour and neutral-slightly sweet, as well as lightly roasted, nutty notes.