You are currently viewing Smoothie Bowls bring ‘optionality’ to KIND’s breakfast line up for ‘flexible workforce of the future’

Featuring a frozen blend of fruit and almond milk topped with creamy nut butter and crunchy granola, the new bowls are designed to “elevate people’s overall experience while adhering to our KIND Promise to craft snacks with a nutritionally-dense first ingredient,”​ Mark Barkley, CEO of KIND North America, told FoodNavigator-USA in an email.

He explained that each bowl packs 7 to 8 grams of plant protein and caps added sugar at 9 grams – less than the leading competitor – helping the line stand out nutritionally in the frozen breakfast space, which he described as “largely dominated by refined flours and animal proteins.”

He added the Smoothie Bowls also offer a more convenient experience as “the only ready-to-eat offering” ​in the frozen breakfast category, where other options require a microwave, oven or assembly.

Finally, Barkley said, the launch not only pushes the boundaries of the frozen breakfast category, it also pushes those of KIND’s portfolio at a time when many consumers are seeking more diverse solutions to fit a new and continuously changing way of life.

Before the pandemic, KIND’s bars were an easy option for people eating on-the-go while commuting to work or in between meetings. But since the pandemic was declared and many offices switched to remote work models, 85% of breakfast occasions now take place at home, according to the NPD Group.

As vaccines are distributed, some offices will re-open while others will continue to embrace the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of remote work – pushing consumers to look for flexible breakfast options, which KIND now can meet more easily.