You are currently viewing Quantum Energy Squares raises $2.5m funding to become leader in energy bar category

The early days of Quantum Energy Squares began as a personal quest for founder Dan Medvene and his partner Leah Marquez, to find the “ultimate plant-based energy bar”​ which balanced health, function, and flavor.

“When we first started out, we knew we had to create something completely different because there were so many sugary, carb-heavy snacks and bars on the market claiming to be healthy. But, most of them aren’t much different than candy bars in terms of ingredients and nutritive value. And a typical cup of coffee might bring a temporary boost of energy, but it lacks essential nutrients. We realized consumers needed healthy energy, and they need it to last,”​ Medvene told FoodNavigator-USA. 

Two years later and over 200 product iterations tested, Medvene launched Quantum Energy Squares​ in the second half of 2019. The bars are made from a blend of plant-based protein (pumpkin seed protein and pea protein), caffeine from organic green coffee (one bar has the equivalent amount of caffeine to one cup of coffee), and MCT oil from coconut, which the company claims helps slow the absorption of caffeine for sustained, long-lasting energy. 

Each bar contains 10g of plant-based protein and 200-210 calories per packaged depending on the flavor (available in four SKUs: peanut butter dark chocolate, caffe mocha almond chip, dark chocolate pink Himalayan salt, and coconut almond chocolate chip). 

Quantum Energy Squares has expanded distribution with national launches in Whole Foods and Sprouts. In 2021, the company is focused on growing business in the natural channel with its current retail partners, and starting distribution expansion into other channels such as sports and convenience, said Medvene.