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The study commissioned by the beverage giant revealed that three in five people admit to snacking more during quarantine.

Being ‘hangry’ means being bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

At their hangriest, nearly half (48%) of the nation said they would walk over a mile to fulfil their craving for a salty snack paired with a sweet cola, which is another reason why Coca-Cola wanted to uncover America’s most craved Coca-Cola flavour and snack combinations.

Snackable data

Coca-Cola Flavors Infographic

The iconic fizzy beverage comes in four flavours – Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla and Coca-Cola Vanilla (each offered in Zero Sugar varieties, too) – which the maker contends are the perfect accompaniment to salty snacks.

The findings from the survey backed this up, revealing that:

Generations universally admit to snacking more during the pandemic.

However, Gen Zs  (73%) are the most dedicated to the snack search, with 8% claiming to be willing to trek over four miles to get their hands on the snack that they are craving the most at that particular time.

54% of Gen Xs and 48% of Baby Boomers also concede to indulging more since the pandemic broke out in March last year.

Across America, the nation’s most craved Coca-Cola flavour is Cherry.

While the majority (52%) of those surveyed opted to pair the beverage with a cheesy pizza, depending on where they live, fans generally differ on salty snack choice.

For example, the pizza-cola combo was mainly picked by Americans who abide in the West and Southwest of the country.