You are currently viewing Official global definition of what constitute ‘a whole grain food’ released

These definitions are needed to ensure that all stakeholders – from academics to government agencies, the industry, as well as the consumer – are clear on what constitutes ‘a whole grain food’.

Definition of a whole grain food:

A whole grain food shall contain at least 50% whole grain ingredients based on dry weight.

Requirements for designating ‘whole grain’ in the product name front-of-pack:

Foods containing a minimum of 25% whole-grain ingredients based on dry weight may make a front of pack claim on the presence of whole grain but cannot be designated ‘whole grain’ in the product name.

The International Working Group’s definition includes additional information and guidance, which can be found here.

The new definitions have been endorsed by the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC), the HealthGrain Forum, and the Cereals & Grains Association.

PepsiCo India raises awareness on importance of whole grains

In other news, PepsiCo India – in collaboration with United Way Delhi – has launched a week-long awareness initiative to mark World Whole Grain Sampling Day.

The ‘Bowl of Hope’ campaign is designed to encourage consumers to increase their consumption of whole grains. The campaign uses videos and online sessions, enlisting Michelin Star chef and Quaker brand ambassador Vika Khanna to raise awareness around nutritious eating and the importance of an active lifestyle.

Additionally, PepsiCo’s Quaker brand is also donating over 50,000 nutritious bowls of its breakfast cereal, which will be distributed to communities in need across Delhi-NCR by PepsiCo employees.

According to a recent survey conducted by PepsiCo India, urban millennials consume less than 10% of whole grains per day and only 2% of the surveyed respondents knew what wholegrains are. The National Institute of Nutrition recommends that at least 50% of the total grains consumed per day should be whole grains.

“Nutrition deficiency poses a real risk to the socio-economic progress of a country. To boost nutrition in the daily diet of Indians, PepsiCo India has been promoting healthy diets and nourishing food through various interventions,”​ said Viraj Chouhan, chief government affairs and communications officer, PepsiCo India.

“The Whole Grain Sampling day is a perfect opportunity for us to launch the ‘Bowl of Hope’ initiative, which uniquely offers brand contribution and employee volunteerism.”