You are currently viewing Real Bread Campaign shoots for greater diversity and inclusion

Run by the food and farming charity Sustain, the campaign’s ethos is to simply make bread without chemical leavening, processing aids or other additives. The universally-inclusive definition incorporates every type of yeast or sourdough leavened, and unleavened, bread, even gluten free variants.

It’s targeted towards a variety of stakeholders – including both professional and domestic bakers, cereal breeders, farmers, millers and educators – across the world, no matter age, nationality, gender identity or economic background.

According to campaign co-ordinator Chris Young, this diversity and inclusion is currently not reflected in the current lineup of ambassadors, hence the call out for a fresh round of volunteers.

The campaign enlisted its first official ambassadors in 2010 and reviews the role every two to five years. The latest recruitment drive is part of Sustain’s current increased focus on improving diversity, representation and inclusion in its work.

Past ambassadors all agree the role has broadened their horizons. Ian Waterland from Leicestershire’s Knead Good Bread said the campaign has provided him with a bigger platform to link people with similar passions.

“[The campaign] is a driving force behind the movement to promote real bread. I would encourage anyone to read the wealth of information on their website about the benefits of Real Bread, join the campaign (loads of benefits) and help improve the bread of the nation, one loaf at a time,” ​said Waterland.