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However, clean label – although the top trend of the decade – is far from simple and straightforward.

To get a better understanding of what consumers want from the industry, and the challenges involved in answering this demand, BakeryandSnacks is hosting a free webinar on 22 April 2021 at 3pm (GMT London).

The webinar will be moderated by BakeryandSnacks editor Gill Hyslop, who will be joined by Marcia Mogelonsky from Mintel Food & Drink and Kantha Shelke from John Hopkins University.

The hour-long discussion will explore the concept of making use of as few ingredients as possible that consumers recognise as wholesome and natural, and the trends associated with clean label, such as free from, organic, whole grain and better-for-you. It will also cover the technical realities and implication of the trend on R&D and regulatory functions, and efforts to reset the bakery and snacks market with science and sensibility.

Some of the burning questions tackled by the team include:

•             Is the industry as a whole answering this particular demand?

•             How can the scientific fraternity step in to help industry with clean label?

•             What are some of the technical realities of dropping and swapping ingredients?

•             How has the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the clean label movement?

Clean label webinar

Kantha Shelke

Kantha Shelke​ is a principal at Corvus Blue, a food science and research firm that expedites development and commercialisation of products and technologies to create market demand for honestly healthful foods. She also teaches food safety regulations at Johns Hopkins University.