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More than 4 million Brits wore aprons as well as got hold of for flour in 2020 to conquer lockdown boredom: as well as that number soaredaround the world as the globe concerned terms with the pandemic. Studies disclosed that 82%of consumers bought a baking ingredient in the past year -as a matter of fact, there were mad flutters of panic as flour supplies decreased as a result of high demand.Despite large strides to go back to ‘normal’, the baking fad is anticipated to perpetuate.Ahead of World Baking Day on 17 May, The Silver Spoon’s team at Baking Mad wondered about almost 4,000 Brits to figure out their leading 10 much-loved treats.Victoria Sponge took the crown, followed by Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Fudge Cake in joint second. Delicious chocolate Chip Cookies narrowly lost out the leading 3 places and was followed hot on its heels by Lemon Drizzle.Surprisingly, banana bread– called the UK’s ‘lockdown bake’ with its overnight insta-fame( clocking up more than 1.4 million Instagram messages)– finished last with only 6%of the country’s ballots. Probably most of us went a bit overboard with the treat last year.The UK’s top 10 preferred bakes Ranking Cook No of votes 1 Victoria Sponge 16% 2 Chocolate Brownies/Chocolate Fudge Cake Both 12% 3 Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie 11%4 Lemon Drizzle Cake 10%5 Cinnamon Rolls/ Carrot Cake Both 9%6 Cupcakes 8%7 Rocky Road 7%8 Banana Bread 6%To keep the exhilaration going in the kitchen area, Baking Mad is organizing the Bake For Love competition.Details of the competition can be discovered online, along with on sixmillion packs of Silver Spoon sugar, Allinson flour, Billington’s sugar and also Nielsen-Massey vanilla as well as flavoured extracts up until September 2021.