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Poğaça (pronounced poe-ah-CHA) is among the most traditional homemade baked goods in Turkish houses. It’s a soft bread somewhere in between a full-flavored bun and a roll, ideal for breakfast, teatime events, and also as a healthy and balanced after college treat for children. This bread use my childhood memories of walking right into my house and also scenting the welcoming scent of poğaças offered with newly made tea.

I moved to North America in my very early thirties and my existing house is Canada. My culinary experience here has broadened to consist of sourdough baking, where I often take another look at the classic recipes of my heritage, utilizing them as inspiration yet implementing sourdough processing without various other leavening representatives. While poğaça is normally leavened with cooking powder, this dish makes use of sourdough starter.

My day work is as a cancer cells pathologist and also I’m enthusiastic regarding gut health and wellness and also the link in between food and also wellness in general. In my viewpoint, being healthy as well as delighted has a great deal to do with maintaining the essentials as straightforward as feasible. Similar to a beautiful sourdough bread: water + flour + time as well as great deals of love.

In this dish, I preserve the vital active ingredients of poğaça: yogurt and also olive oil, which are staples of Turkish and also Ottoman food. Using sourdough starter rather than cooking powder lengthens the procedure from concerning 30 mins to 6-18 hours, depending upon whether you cool the dough after the very first surge, however your energetic deal with the recipe is short and also basic.

Here’s a video clip showing how you can mix up the dough. Time and sourdough fermentation are what provide these poğaças their impressive facility flavor and also crispy crust. They’re unparalleled to the traditional approach with baking powder (in my humble opinion).

Tasty poğaçan interior and also crust This is a forgiving dish, as well as you ought to readjust the flour quantity as you are blending, considering that your flour’s toughness as well as type will certainly make a distinction, as will certainly the water web content of your yogurt.

Make certain to use plain entire milk yogurt, however, for the appropriate taste and crumb tenderness. The final dough must be soft, non-sticky, and also easy to deal with. It should”seem like an ear lobe,”as a Turkish mom’s dish might state.< div id="attachment_248780" class="wp-caption aligncenter" readability="27.219512195122"> A variation with pecorino romano, mozzarella, and also chives. The dough is 350g all function flour and also 50g whole grain durum wheat, yet other flours can be utilized rather. I such as recipes that are flexible, healthy and balanced,

and also easy. This exact same dough can be used

several various other means, and also the dental filling can be modified. One of the most classic one is a fallen apart Turkish white cheese or Greek feta cheese with parsley and dill. Poğaças ready to bake Other herbs such as oregano or chives, and also cheeses such as asiago work also, and also on my Instagram @dishesfromafar, you can see I’ve used this exact same dough as a full-flavored pie crust as well as loaded it with sardines and caramelized onions. Normally Leavened Turkish Poğaça

Classic Turkish poğaças, made with olive oil as well as yogurt, are

like healthy cheese-and-herb scones. My variant makes use of all-natural sourdough leavening for an also much healthier,

  • much more flavorful result. I enjoy how layered and crispy these poğaças end up
  • , and also exactly how versatile the dough and also fillings are. Components Dough 250 grams plain entire milk yogurt(~ 1 mug)80 grams extra virgin olive oil(1/3 cup)70 grams sourdough starter (~ 1/4 cup)
  • 250g refined flour (little 2 mugs)
  • 50g entire wheat flour (loading 1/3 mug)
  • 10 grams salt (1 1/2 tsp)
    • Toppings as well as fillings, contribute to taste

    • Natural herbs such as dill, parsley, oregano, or chives
    • Cheese such as collapsed Turkish white cheese, feta, or asiago (~ 70 grams)
    • Black pepper
    • Egg yolk to clean on the dough prior to baking
    • Sesame and also nigella seeds, if preferred


    • Whisk with each other the yogurt, olive oil, as well as sourdough starter in a tool dish.
    • Add the majority of the flour, scheduling a little in instance it’s not required, and add the salt. Mix and also massaged the dough in the bowl up until all the dry components are included. Add a lot more flour as needed to obtain a not sticky yet soft dough.
    • Wash and also slice the herbs, and preparation (fall apart, slice, shred) celebrity you’ve chosen to use. After that add them as well as the black pepper to the dough by folding as well as rubdown.
    • Cover the dough as well as allow it ferment at room temperature level for 4-6 hrs. Then cool the dough over night.
    • The following day, prep a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    • Turn the cool dough out of the bowl and form it into a tube, around as thick as a baguette.
    • Cut television on the diagonal regarding every 5 cm (2 inches), as well as put the items on the parchment paper smooth side up (in contrast to reduce side up).
    • Cover and let the dough rest and also increase for a hr or longer, till it’s puffy.
    • Pre-heat your oven to 180 ° C (355 ° F).
    • Brush the dough with lightly beaten egg yolk and also spray with sesame and also nigella seeds.
    • Bake for 25-30 mins, up until gold brownish.



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