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Kamut wheat is known for its smooth buttery flavor as well as gold color. It was brought to Montana from Egypt in the mid-1900s and is believed to be originally from Iran. Connected to durum wheat, Kamut berries are a lot bigger but have a similar gold shade and protein level that can be more than traditional wheat yet leads to much less gluten strength for bread production.

In 2017 I composed a trio of Kamut recipes in this message. I utilized various portions of entire grain Kamut flour with bread flour: 20%, 40%, and 93%. The third loaf was reluctant of 100% because my sourdough starter was fed all objective flour. That mainly whole grain Kamut bread (below) was rather level but had a beautiful, well-aerated gold crumb. Ever since then, I’ve questioned if I can make this bread a little bit taller if I reduced the hydration of the dough and also fermented it much less. I keep in mind when I shaped this dough, it was really fermented and loosened, practically like a thick sourdough starter.

< div id="attachment_76583"course="wp-caption aligncenter"readability="28.081632653061" > 2017 dish for entire grain Kamut sourdough bread 4 years and several bread jobs later on, I lastly returned to this concern. I went down the complete hydration of the dough by 5 portion factors and I just fermented the dough to about 1/3 growth throughout the mass fermentation. The results were undoubtedly taller however with a slightly more closed crumb, which was to be anticipated due to both the hydration adjustment as well as the inclusion of rye flour (more on that below).

2021 Fermentation Photos