You are currently viewing Whole grains consumption on the rise, records Oldways Whole Grains Council

Oldways Whole Grains Council conducted an on-line surveyof 1,505 United States adults (ages 18-88) in May 2021 to identify the level of whole grain consumption among US consumers and to further comprehend which consuming events prompted extra whole grain use. Between fifty percent and also two-thirds (59%) of Americans are meeting the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for entire grains intake(which advises that Americans make fifty percent or even more of their grains, entire), according to the entire Grains Council.Over one-quarter of respondents to the study claimed they virtually always select entire grains whenever possible. These figures are even greater amongst younger generations: 64%of Gen Z and Millennial customers report making half of their grains whole. In addition, 67%of moms and dads of young youngsters(age 0– 12), and 74% of health-conscious customers select whole grains at least half the time.According to the survey, 95%of customers report that their present entire grain consumption has actually either enhanced or held steady contrasted to 5 years earlier

.”Interestingly, while we typically presume that low-carb dieters have reduced whole grain intake, those that state they stay clear of carbohydrates are most likely to also inform us theyseek entire grains when purchasing. Those who state they stay clear of carbs are likewise most likely to say they virtually always pick whole grain options and also more probable to tell us their whole grain intake has increased in the last five years,”kept in mind the entire Grains Council in its report.This shift in consumer frame of mind might suggest that consumers recognize that not all grains are produced equivalent and also are increasingly able to set apart the quality of different carbohydrate sources, the report mentioned.