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Urban Legend– started by Anthony Fletcher, previous CEO of better-for-you treat firm Graze, which was sold to Unilever in 2019– made headings earlier this month with the rollout of a doughnut that is significantly lower in fat, sugar and also calories than its competitors, however still packed with the taste and also enjoyment of the indulgent version.The brand name rests under parent business Believe in Science– likewise started by Fletcher– and employs his belief that innovative science could be utilized to approach bakery in a brand-new means and fix a’clear issue’.” For hundreds of years, sugar and also fat have actually been the key components in wonderful treats as well as baked products, so much so it’s practically taken as gospel,”said Fletcher. “Healthier items have been presented in many classifications over the previous 10 years, but cakes as well as baked goods have actually been left behind– the industry appears to feel it just isn’t feasible to maintain pleasant deals with delicious when healthier, you have to compromise one for the various other.” I didn’t buy this, so we took a look at the challenge with fresh eyes and also discovered food science solutions that meant we can make doughnutsthat tasted just as good but with much less sugar and also fat, utilizing steam cooking and also choices to sugar located in nature. All the preference and enjoyment however much healthier.”Urban myth’s doughnuts are sweetened by ‘creative natural flavour combinations to enhance sweet taste as well as hint indulgence’from origins, pears, leaves as well as melon.They also have no fabricated colours, gaining these from flowers, plants as well as vegetables consisting of safflower and also beetroot.