You are currently viewing Greek tortilla producer obtains manufacturing increase with bespoke robotic as well as VFD innovation

The brand-new conveyor– set up at the established manufacturing facility in Athens– brings the tortillas along the line to look for top quality prior to being packaged and palletised for distribution.Greek robotics as well as automation specialist Robotsys employed the aid of Automation Experts– a sales partner of Invertek Drives, among the globe’s leading trendsetters in VFD technology– to develop the bespoke system using Optidrive VFDs. The procedure additionally entailed the control of a robotic for the product packaging and palletizing of the products at the end of the line. “The project entailed creating a completely new conveyor remedy, consisting of even more automation than the existing procedure, “claimed Teo Amiridis, technological supervisor of Automation Experts.” The consumer wished to raise the speed of the line, including the quality control element, prior to product packaging the tortillas automatically.”According to Amiridis, the six-conveyer line uses an overall of 12 Optidrive VFDs: 6 E3s

to regulate the activity of each conveyor; two to regulate the Cartesian system to find the correct angle to revolve the conveyor; 3 to govern the’being rejected pistons’to press scrap items off the line and a final one to drive the Yaskawa robotic, which regulates the packaging as well as palletising of the tortillas at the end of the line.” The conveyors have to sync with the denial pistons to allow the best batch of tortillas to be pushed off the line at the proper time. So, precise movement control is vital for each and every aspect of the line,” he stated.