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< div course="inline_image image_size_full" data-attachment="244563" data-sequence="2" >< img alt="Sourdough_Puratos Brood 17" src="" sizes ="( max-width: 1023px) 100vw, 780px" class =" lazyload" size="875" elevation="583" srcset=" 480w, 600w, 780w" > Many consumers remain in the dark about the range, health and also taste account of sourdough, according to new research study.

The results of the Taste Tomorrow study, by cooking ingredients company Puratos, suggest retailers as well as bakers have a role to play in informing the general public on the advantages of the bread

According to the study, just 24% of non-sourdough eaters deemed the bread to be healthy and balanced, while 19% of non-users had actually been avoided attempting sourdough due to the fact that they were ‘worried about the preference’.

Nearly fifty percent (48%) thought a much better understanding of the health and wellness advantages of the loaf would motivate them to attempt it as well as also begin purchasing it.

Furthermore, 41% of occasional users claimed they would be extra likely to on a regular basis take in sourdough if they saw new as well as exciting selections as well as flavours.

Heavy individuals were more probable to try various ranges of sourdough such as rye (89% vs 61%) as well as those featuring extra components such as grains (78% vs 65%), the study revealed.

The findings additionally exposed that 71% of regular sourdough individuals purchased various other sourdough items such as crisps and also crumpets, compared to just 32% of occasional customers, recommending that the promotion of various products might increase acquisitions amongst the latter group.

Cost likewise became a crucial variable among buyers. As many as 40% of non-sourdough eaters claimed that they would certainly be more probable to try the bread if it was cheaper, while 88% of periodic users and 82% of constant consumers asserted rate was essential to them.