You are currently viewing Unfavourable practices: Lebanese grownups ate more treats and desserts, much less fruit as well as veg during lockdown

The study additionally disclosed Lebanese grownups were consuming much more self-made meals, and also consuming even more meals throughout the day throughout the pandemic.Lebanon entered its initial lockdown in March 2020, which was extended to May 2020. In this research study released in Frontiers

in Nutrition, researchers from UAE, UK, Lebanon, Jordan and also Australia wished to understand the influence of the lockdown on consuming habits, in the country with a currently unstable financial as well as political situation.One of the significant concerns in Lebanon throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is poor nutrition and food security. At the area level, accessibility to food was restricted to less expensive products like canned food and ultra-processed foods abundant in fat, salt, and also sugar, compared to fresh fruits and also create, which often tend to cost more.Survey An on-line set of questions was created, evaluated, and also piloted by a group of researchers at the University of Sharjah, as well as the United Arab Emirates

University. Concerns were adjusted from the Short Food Frequency Questionnaire, the International Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form, and also the second variation of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire(COPSOQ-II). The questionnaire gathered information on market, body weight, intake behaviors, food buying practices, physical activity, stress and anxiety and rest, comparing prior to the pandemic as well as

during the pandemic.The study was carried out in June 2020, involving 2,500 grownups over 18 years of ages, living in the six governorates in Lebanon (Beirut, Mount Lebanon, North, South, Nabatiyeh, and Beqaa