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You are currently viewing New cacao fruit juice concentrate readily available for food professionals

According to Koa, Oabika is the first cocoa fruit juice concentrate at 72 ° Brix (the sugar web content of a liquid service) created particularly for the food service. It has the highest concentration on the food service market offering a smooth uniformity as well as an amber-coloured appearance.The juice took several months of research and development, and also the end outcome is described as a’zesty as well as fruity flavour, with candied, honey-like notes’.

Frédéric Bau, pastry traveler at Maison Valrhona, as well as Victor Delpierre, beverage specialist and also gastronomy expert, described Oabika as a “total and spirited experience.”

They both state that “Oabika is a magical ingredient that highlights, boosts and balances tastes. It represents an outstanding minute in time, pleasantly refreshing, which takes you on a journey deep inside the pod to the heart of a cocoa hacienda.”

After Koa’s success with its chocolate fruit juice and also dried out cocoa fruit, the brand-new concentrate cooperation is a development that matches the range of chocolate fruit ingredients.Upcycling cocoa fruit The accessibility of cocoa fruit

concentrate for cooks as well as other gastronomy professionals indicates a turning point for the cocoa fruit valorisation as well as the cocoa farmers. As the demand for cocoa fruit ingredients grows rapidly, the chances to develop a favorable influence in the cocoa-growing countries enhances at the exact same time.Until lately, the pulp that borders the chocolate beans

couldn’t be refined in cocoa-growing nations as a result of a lack of facilities and modern technology. In standard chocolate handling, only a little component of the white pulp was utilized for fermentation, the rest was shed. Koa has found an innovative means to gently process the chocolate fruit in close teamwork with 1,600 smallholders.