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I’m on a “fall harvest” bread kick these days. A clear choice for this motif was apples (last week’s babka) and also I soon plan to try @Benito’s gorgeous pumpkin-shaped bread dish.

For this autumn dish, I decided to utilize corn, one more crop normally gathered in the autumn and also available in a lot of shades and also varieties. And also jalapeño peppers, which perhaps aren’t on every person’s listing of fall foods, however directly I harvest hills of peppers from my garden in September and also October. I ferment, pickle, dry, and also freeze them; and make some breads with them also.

This year, I included a hefty amount of corn porridge to my typical cheddar jalapeño sourdough dish, as well as I made a bread flour variation and a 100% whole grain version. Both breads came out tasty: a little spicy, reasonably cheesy, with hints of corn taste and also corn aroma. The bread flour version has a little bit more corn taste as well as eat, which isn’t surprising. Fresh whole grain wheat flour brings even more taste to the equation and less gluten. Certainly, corn flour is additionally entire grain, with a lot of bran or “pericarp” if you mill it in the house. It doesn’t have gluten either, so both of these doughs are a lot more delicate than elastic.

Nice aeration to the crumb The doughs are workable with a bench blade and also a chilly final evidence. Plus I picked a high healthy protein whole wheat flour, rouge de bordeaux, to try to finest countered the weakness in the dough. I’ll additionally admit I liked the suggestion of making use of rouge (red)wheat

with red corn. Yecora rojo and turkey red would also fit the expense in terms of gluten

toughness( and also”red “in the name).< div id ="attachment_259257"class="wp-caption aligncenter"readability =" 32"> Fermenting red as well as yellow doughs I really did not just want added corn taste however, I additionally wanted a lot of jalapeño and also cheese. The trade-off is that these enhancements bear down