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I absolutely love the taste of this chickpea flour pancake that goes by so many names. * With just fresh-milled dried out chickpeas, water, olive oil, salt and also pepper, fainá is a mouth-wateringly addicting main course, side dish, treat … or pizza covering.

*farinata genovese in Italian, fainâ in Genoese dialect, fainè in Sardinia, fainá in Argentina and Uruguay, cecina as well as torta di ceci in Tuscany, socca in southern France, calentita in Gibraltar, and also karantita in Algeria. India also has khaman, a thicker chickpea flour cake that’s steamed (h/t @mala_mehta).


Among the neatest features of fainá is that it’s probably much more prominent in Argentina and Uruguay than it remains in Genoa, Italy where it stemmed. Numerous Genoese individuals came in to Buenos Aires and also Montevideo during the 20th and also 19th centuries, and also fainá ended up being a success in those cities because rather strange as well as remarkable way a recipe flourishes in new setting.

In Argentina and Uruguay, this chickpea pancake also ended up being a pizza covering. If you order fainá a caballo or on horseback, you’ll obtain a slice of pizza with a slice of chickpea pancake straight on top of it. Remarkable, ideal? I was reminded of this unique pile of breads when listening to Francis Lam interview Nathan Myhrvold concerning his brand-new publication Modernist Pizza.

I haven’t really tried a chickpea pancake riding a pizza horse, despite having family from Argentina, but I do like to eat fainá with a salad. I also offered it to my family members in a pita sandwich, though in Italy, focaccia is the bread of choice to go around a wedge of chickpea pancake.

Nourishment facts: Chickpeas are high in iron and also protein. 150g chickpea flour consists of 34g protein. The exact same quantities of entire wheat flour as well as wild rice flour have 20g healthy protein and also 11g protein, respectively.

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Normally speaking fainá should be less than 1 cm thick, and also the chickpea flour and water must soak for a minimum of 2 hrs and also preferably over night or longer. In addition to those policies, some people add the salt as well as pepper just before food preparation, as well as some add it previously. Some just put olive oil in the pan, as well as some mix it right into the batter also. You can likewise check out added garnishes like caramelized onions, grated cheese, rosemary, and also far more. I find easy salt, pepper, olive oil, as well as fresh-milled chickpea flour to be so delicious by themselves that I suggest you consider that a go initially.

The Option to Ferment

One point that isn’t traditionally component of the fainá making procedure is proactively fermenting the batter. To me this appears like a healthy option for damaging down a few of the starches in the chickpeas and also perhaps making the pancake a lot more digestible. To examine the tastes and digestibility, I made this fainá dish three means.

For the very first test, I didn’t include any kind of sourdough starter to the mix and I let the batter rest overnight at space temperature. The solids resolved to the base by morning and also the batter really did not broaden. The pancake was luscious inside versus ventilated and also it had a full chickpea flavor without any sour enhancement.

For the 2nd test, I added a 1/4 tsp of rye sourdough starter to the mix and also after concerning a hr at room temperature, I refrigerated it to slow the fermentation. This resulted in minimal expansion of the batter as well as a nearly undetectable sourness to the fainá. The interior appearance was still velvety as opposed to ventilated, and on the whole this was my favored fainá.

For the third examination, I added a 1/4 teaspoon of rye sourdough starter to the mix and also allow the batter sit overnight at space temperature level. It was carbonated as well as had actually expanded by morning with a thicker layer on top (see picture gallery). The pancake was extra ventilated, in spite of intensely mixing in the salt, as well as it was quite sour.

I absorbed all the pancakes no problem: unfermented, barely fermented, and really fermented. My recommendation in the recipe below is to go with your preference: no sour, moderate sour, or full sour.

Various other Legumes

If you have a home mill, you can likewise discover making use of other legumes, such as black beans and lentils, seeing to it you still do a long rest of the batter and/or fermentation. The fainá below was made with black beans and topped with sliced rosemary. It had a lovely purple shade, and much less sweet-nuttiness than the chickpea fainá.

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