The Kyiv-based business was started in 1996 by Vitaliy Averkin, when premium quality rice was not generously available in Ukraine, and customers had little understanding of the existence of various varieties.With an objective to fill up an important market space by offer gluten-intolerant consumers with wheat options, Best Alternativa launched an effort to resource as well as import rice of premium quality from Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and also Cambodia to generate rice items, along with rice-based grains, flour, pasta as well as oil.According to the company, all-natural rice bran oil is recognized to be one of the healthiest, made from the chilly pressing of rice bran to maintain 10%protein, 80 %thiamine, 70% minerals as well as cellulose, 50% riboflavin and also 65% niacin of the whole grain.Best Alternativa today has three trademarks– Best Alternativa, World’s Rice as well as Risse Pole– and provides a brand-new technique for food preparation in bags, which retains all the nutrients. Since gluten-free was a relatively new principle for the Ukrainian market, it required added financial investment for new equipment as well as to obtain itself outfitted to follow worldwide quality standards.With financing from the United States, the EBRD assisted the local business implement a food top quality and also safety management system as well as improve its competition on the neighborhood market.A wholesome inspiration”Produce top quality and the health and wellness of our consumers had always been our top priority. So, it was only an issue of time prior to we started making prefabricated gluten-free items to help people

that are battling celiac condition,” stated Vitaly Averkin, co-owner and CEO of Best Alternativa.