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Cosun Beet Company, Ingredion Incorporated, Matsutani Chemical Industry and also Samyang Corporation have signed up with forces to drive efforts to get allulose formally acknowledged as a novel food component across Europe (including the UK).

The newly-created Allulose Novel Food Consortium (ANFC) is preparing an application to obtain the normally derived uncommon sugar classified as a carb by the European Commission and the UK Food Standards Agency.Allulose is a monosaccharide that is just discovered in small amounts in wheat, fruit(raisins, figs) and also foods like molasses, syrup and also brown sugar. It can, nonetheless, be created in larger amounts with the use of enzymes from corn, sugar beetroot as well as other carbohydrate sources.The active ingredient provides about 70% the sweet taste of sucrose and

has a comparable taste profile. It also has comparable useful residential properties consisting of bulking, browning, freeze-point depression, mouthfeel as well as texture. In addition, it does not crystallise in dairy products products.However, clinical studies have shown that allulose adds 0.4 calories per gram, that is, just 10%of the calories of typical sugar.Global recognition Allulose was initially determined in wheat in the 1940s and also today is authorised as a food active ingredient in Japan, Mexico,

Singapore, South Korea as well as

the US. In fact, in South Korea, Singapore and also Japan, it is classified as a ‘no calories’sweetener. On top of that, it is GRAS(Generally Recognised as Safe) by the FEMA(Flavour Extract Manufacturers Association) for the usage as a flavouring.