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You are currently viewing Toasted Buckwheat Porridge Sourdough Bread

Toasted buckwheat porridge sourdough bread is both earthy and nutty, with a distinctive flavor and aroma that makes awesome avocado toast, pairs well with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and is delicious with butter and jam. This porridge bread has awesome texture due to the chewy crumb from high gluten flours and the discernable but soft buckwheat groats dispersed throughout it.

I included fresh-milled whole grain turkey red wheat berries in the bread for more wheat flavor, but you can substitute other flours based on your preference or inventory. I recommend a relatively strong red wheat if possible (hard red spring wheat, sprouted hard red spring wheat, yecora rojo, rouge de bordeaux or the turkey red I used) because of how gluten-challenged the dough is due to the large amount of buckwheat porridge. You can also make a “buckwheat lite” version of the bread by reducing the buckwheat groats or you can use only bread flour for a slightly stronger dough.

About Buckwheat: Buckwheat seeds are a pseudocereal, not in the wheat family at all but actually related to rhubarb, knotweed and sorrel. Buckwheat is a complete protein, meaning it has all nine essential amino acids that humans can only get from food. It has has a long history of cultivation and consumption in Asia and Eastern Europe where buckwheat groats are used for savory and sweet porridges or ground into flour for noodles and pancakes.

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