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The 2 carat weight round great cut diamond cost $12,550 on EBay. All profits will most likely to Feeding America, with every dollar increased supplying at least 10 meals.The ruby was

appointed by Hidden Valley Ranch brand name proprietor The Clorox Company to honor National Ranch Day on 10 March, created by rock hound Dean VandenBiesen, VP of LifeGem, a company that produces memorial diamonds fromtheashes of a person’s loved ones.Typically, a diamond takes countless years deep within the Earth to take place normally, however, LifeGem has the ability to replicate the procedure by placing carbon, the main component of all rubies, in problems that recreate the forces

of nature.Diamonds are developed when graphite, the crystalline type of pure carbon, is placed under extreme warmth and also pressure.According to VandenBiesen, ranch dressing is made mostly from buttermilk, giving the suggestion base to expand a diamond. Butter and milk are high in carbon.In the case of The Ranch Diamond, a few of the firm’s signature seasoning was heated up to 2,500 ° F(1,370 ° C)with the outcome crushed under 400 tons of stress for five months.A fast polish, and the attractive ruby was set in a 14K white gold band engraved within with’HVR LVR ‘. Voila! An extremely different piece of finger candy that sets wonderfully with snacks like pizza,

The Ranch Diamond from Hidden Valley - 2

crudités and also wings.