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In a survey of 7,000 global consumers by restaurant software company Deliverect, respondents revealed that food delivery options perceived as being eco-friendly options are important to their ordering decisions.

Some 43% of diners said they would pay more for takeout food that was sustainable; 68% said restaurants should have processes in place to avoid waste.

Consumers willing to pay more for sustainable options

While 65% of survey respondents said they find healthy, sustainable eating to be more expensive, 43% said they are willing to pay more for takeaways in restaurants that have visible sustainability practices.

Over half (56%) said they would like restaurants to better share how they are working to make takeaways/deliveries more sustainable.

Avoid excessive food waste 

The survey also revealed that while 67% of consumers usually keep larger than necessary food portions for another meal (leftover), 51% said that seeing large amounts of food waste frustrates them and puts them off from ordering from that restaurant again. 

Some 73% wanted more accurate portion sizes to avoid food waste, and 68% said takeaway restaurants should have precautions in place to avoid unnecessary food waste.

Be conscious of sustainable packaging 

Consumers are on the lookout for restaurants using sustainable materials, the study revealed. Some 54% of consumers would prefer to order from restaurants that remove excess packaging from the food delivery. Over half (56%) would also show preference to a restaurant that uses eco-friendly packaging over single-use plastic.

“Online delivery and takeaway orders are continuing to rise in our digital-first, often-remote world,”​ said Zhong Xu, Co-Founder & CEO of Deliverect, a Belgium-based software maker that integrates orders from food delivery channels into restaurants’ POS. “While consumers will always want fresh ingredients and a variety of menu offerings, something else is increasingly paramount to their order decisions: a restaurant’s sustainability efforts.”