You are currently viewing Webinar: Let’s talk BFY snacks and put paid to the disparaging ‘junk food’ tag

BakeryandSnacks has invited a panel of industry leaders to take to the podium on 26 May to examine the trend that impacts all areas when it comes to creating standout snacks.

The free-to-attend webinar​ is tapping some of the best minds the sector has to offer to explore exactly what better-for-you (BFY) means – both for people and the planet.

The health and wellness trend has pervaded all walks of today’s society and is playing a major influence in what we consume, leading to a wealth of opportunities in the snacking category.

From guilty treat to daily nutrition

The art of snacking – once just an occasional extravagance between meals – has changed its station in life.

While not new, its ‘anywhere, anytime’ trait has given rise to snackification, which continues to see an ever-growing number of consumers of all ages and walks of life swapping out traditional meals with snacks. This is obviously driving a greater need for better nutrition.

It has also grown with the increasing consumer desire for new experiences that hit all the senses.

COVID, too, has exacerbated the trend, sparked by just how tenuous not only our personal wellbeing is, but also that of the planet.

At its core, the trend means meeting nutritional needs; adapting to the myriad of today’s lifestyle choices; providing functional benefits; answering environmental concerns; and enabling consumers to feel inclusive through transparency and clean labels: and all the while, still providing pleasure and indulgence.

Currently playing a heavy influence on the UK scene are the HFSS (high in fat, salt and sugar) regulations set to be enforced in October. This has spawned comment from both advocates and critics, but whether we like it or not, it’s set to take root. Will it be adopted by policymakers around the world?