You are currently viewing Kraft Heinz leverages innovation, personalized marketing to offset consumer ‘uncertainty’ related to inflation

“Throughout the pandemic, consumers re-discovered our brands because of an unprecedented change in their lives. As we look to another moment of uncertainty with heightened inflation, we believe the insights and connections we developed with consumers will deliver on needs for them as they face rising prices everywhere in their lives,”​ Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patrico told investment analysts yesterday during the company’s first quarter earnings call.

For example, he said, “as consumers face the pinch at the pump and in other parts of their lives, the functional benefits of a real snack, like Lunchables, or a family favorite grilled cheese with Kraft Singles will continue to be a powerful value option without families having to trade on kids’ taste appeal.”

But to build on the inherent value already baked into many of the company’s products, Kraft Heinz going forward will further draw on its marketing capabilities to elevate its proposition through product innovation, assortments and promotions, channel mix and omni-channel communications, he said.

And to do this, Kraft Heinz is partnering with outside organizations to explore new ways of producing food and marketing its products more effectively and efficiently.

Reimaging food production

To enhance food production at a time when resources, including ingredients and labor are increasingly expensive and valuable, the company is partnering with Microsoft to leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to accelerate innovations and reinforce the supply chain so that it is more efficient, Patrico said, noting this partnership is part of Kraft Heinz’s AGILE@SCALE approach, announced​ earlier this year.