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The challenge was to gauge reaction to the plant-based cookies and find out if the dairy alternatives still managed to deliver the rich authenticity of various regions.

Also known as biscuits in English-speaking countries outside the US, cookies are believed to have first originated in Persia (today, Iran) soon after the use of sugar became relatively common in that region. Since then, cookies/biscuits have become a beloved treat for people around the globe.

All five of the sweet cookies made at its innovation lab in the US featured the same basic base, but then were given its own regional taste profile with the addition of Edlong’s Global Butter Flavours range. Two of the cookies were also dairy-free.

In developing this, the company’s R&D teams in Mexico and Ireland sourced butters from point of origin to ensure its application experts captured the truly authentic regional character.

The purpose behind the tour – which flitted from Ireland to New Zealand and Mexico, along with a mystery stop – was to highlight the company’s flavour layering capabilities to create a more nuanced twist to the classic butter profiles. According to the company, the plant-based cookies allowed its Global Butter Flavour line to shine, even after going through baking at 177°C (350°F) and deep freezing at -18°C (0°F). The range of bake-stable flavours also enabled the bakers to create two dairy-free cookies.

So, what was the reaction? Were the producers able to pick up on the unique flavour nuances?