You are currently viewing ‘Holy Grail of snacking’ banks on mega plant-based trend and kid power

Since its introduction in 2020, PeaTos has experienced explosive growth, in part driven by the highly public ‘David and Goliath battle’ waged against PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay. PeaTos claims it offers the flavour and fun of so-called junk food snacks like Cheetos and Funyuns, but with the benefit of better-for-you nutrition.

“Despite the growth in the better-for-you snack category, the market still remains dominated by Frito-Lay,”​ said Desai.

“But PeaTos takes snacking to the next level as more consumers convert to our unique approach – one that delivers on the taste and comfort food nostalgia of America’s favourite snacks, but without all the artificial junk.”

Challenging the status quo, PeaTos replaces the traditional corn base with nutrient dense peas and uses only all-natural, non-GMO ingredients – nothing artificial. Each serving has 2x the protein and 3x the fibre of its contemporaries, along with less calories, fat, sodium and no dairy.

Furthering its mission to revolutionise the $29bn salty snack category, PeaTos has announced it capitalising on the mega plant-based trend.

“For decades, the category has been dominated as a monopoly by PepsiCo subsidiary Frito-Lay, meaning consumer choice at the retail level is an illusion,”​ said Desai, who is a panellist on BakeryandSnacks Healthy Snacking webinar, to be aired on 26 May.

“But those days are over – consumers no longer need to sacrifice taste for nutrition. PeaTos is the only brand to make good on the dream of bridging the gap between junk food taste and better-for-you nutrition.”