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Bridor Mini Filled Croissants

Bakery manufacturer Bridor has expanded its foodservice range with the launch of its new Mini Filled Croissants, available in four flavours.

Created to appeal to hospitality outlets looking to ‘satisfy consumers seeking indulgent moments’, the croissants are designed for breakfast and on-the-go occasions, with the mini format aimed at hotel breakfasts and seminars, or to share at home.

The new Mini Filled Croissants are available in a 40g, ready-to-bake format. Described by Bridor as being rich in butter and organic, the manufacturing process of the product has focused on evenly distributing the filling within the whole croissant.

Bridor Mini Filled Croissants

The available varieties include a filled Cocoa and Hazelnut Croissant – designed to offer ‘the height of indulgence’ with a chocolate-chip topping to complement the cocoa flavours. The Filled Apricot Croissant is designed to provide ‘fruity and slightly tangy notes’, while the Filled Raspberry Croissant features a crispy pink sugar topping. Completing the line-up, meanwhile, is the Custard Cream Filled Croissant, featuring a ‘sweet taste’ and a sugar crystal topping for added crunch.

The new Mini Filled Croissants come under Bridor’s ‘clean label’ and are made using ‘only essential ingredients that are all of natural origin’, the manufacturer said. The only tolerated exception, according to Bridor, is ascorbic acid for its ‘important role in the final product quality as it not only accelerates the rising of the dough but extends its shelf life’. The manufacturer sees this as ‘increasingly’ important as consumers become ‘more and more concerned about the ingredients included in their favourite foods’.

Bridor was established in France in 1988 and operates 10 production sites globally. The company is part of the Le Duff Group, which operates 2,000 restaurants and employs 34,000 people.