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Crepes are one of the first foods I learned to cook by myself as a teen. I used the recipe from my mom’s Joy of Cooking cookbook and often made them when I didn’t have a lot of time or ingredients to work with. They don’t even require baking powder or baking soda the way most pancake recipes do. Plus I actually prefer the moist, less bready texture of crepes. They’re a tasty “fast food” that can be filled with anything.

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Buckwheat groats before milling

All that said, crepes can be a little bland when they’re made with “white” flour. Good butter and eggs help, as do wild and delicious fillings, but the real key to flavorful crepes is to use some sourdough starter in the batter and buckwheat flour instead of all purpose flour.

Ten sourdough buckwheat pancakes

I used fresh-milled buckwheat flour and whole wheat sourdough starter that was 3-4 days post feeding. The crepes had a delicious buckwheat flavor, some sourdough fermentation flavors, and some whole wheat flavors. Your crepes will vary in flavor depending on how old/hungry your starter is and the flours you feed it with, and if you let the crepe batter ferment for some time before frying the crepes.

I like to serve crepes with extra filling on the side

Spongy and delicous crepes with a filling of homemade whipped cream, dulce de leche, and sliced strawberries.

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