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According to Sameer Vaswani, founder and CEO of plant-based Prodigy Snacks, we all want what we want and when we want it.

“Each person is different and our biology is different; thus our food & drink needs are different based on our allergies, food intolerances, or even just levels of carbohydrate/protein/fat and sugar intake,”​ he told BakeryandSnacks.

“We also now have much better nutritional science to help us keep more educated and informed, and this has a huge influence on our choices in food & drink.

“I don’t see this trend having an expiry date, but rather growing more and more and the consumer audience growing more fragmented in their needs.”

Vaswani said there are an increasing number of producers that are tapping this demand.

“Rude Health is famous for its plant based milks, but also have a range of free from cereals and tortilla style chips. Boundless Activated Snacks is another young brand taking this to another level and homing in on hut health. Native Snacks is another such brand for savoury snacks. For bakery, there is Nairn’s, which focuses on the huge gluten free trend, but still use refined sugars, palm oils and so forth,” ​he noted.

“Prodigy Snacks is a new chocolate snacking brand, creating all the old classic favourites (in chocolate and biscuits) but without any of the nasties – no refined sugar, no palm oil, no soy, no gluten, no artificial sweeteners, and no plastic packaging.”

When it comes to alternative ingredients, Vaswani said he could write a book on this, listing, among others, gluten-free oat or buckwheat flour in place of wheat flour; coconut sugar, agave syrup and honey, along with the more obscure ingredients like inulin (chicory root fibre), lucuma and yakon.