You are currently viewing Pladis launches ‘lighter’ McVitie’s Digestives Wholesense

McVitie's Digestive Wholesense

Pladis has extended its McVitie’s Digestives range with a lighter version called Wholesense, featuring 30% less sugar and 50% more fibre than the average digestive.

According to the manufacturer, the reformulated recipe means the biscuits will be exempt from the government’s upcoming HFSS restrictions.

The new product follows the launch of McVitie’s Rich Tea Delights, which contain 30% less sugar than the typical semi-sweet biscuit. Pladis said the aim of the McVitie’s ‘lighter’ range was to extend the appeal of the biscuit aisle by offering shoppers more choice.

“Our mission to help shoppers enjoy our portfolio of products as part of a balanced diet is already well underway,” said David Titman, marketing director – McVitie’s at Pladis UK&I. “In 2020, we reduced sugar in nine of our bestselling biscuits – and took this a step further earlier this year with the launch of McVitie’s Rich Tea Delights.

“Now, we’re making it even easier for shoppers to tuck into their biscuit tin favourites, whether they are looking for an indulgent treat or something a little lighter. In fact, thanks to the added benefits they offer, McVitie’s Digestives Wholesense are perfect for broadening choice in the biscuit aisle.”

According to research commissioned by Pladis, half of shoppers are actively seeking healthier versions of their favourite biscuits, with lower sugar and high fibre content among the most resonant purchase motivators.

“Of course, plenty of us turn to the biscuit category for a little pick-me-up or a touch of indulgence, but for those looking for something healthier, we’re continually seeking ways to extend our offering,” said Titman.

“By catering to evolving shopper needs and showcasing the diversity of the McVitie’s portfolio, we’re enabling more and more Brits to enjoy our biscuits – demonstrating that they don’t need to be sacrificed entirely to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.”

McVitie’s Digestives Wholesense are available in 300g packs across multiple retail, convenience and wholesale with an rsp of £1.59.