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Feeding 9 billion people in 2050 by making the most accurate use of the planet’s resources is a major and unprecedented challenge. However, Lesaffre believes that yeasts – and more broadly, the fermentation process – is one of the most promising answers to this challenge.

But this microorganism remains relatively unknown among the general public. Indeed, a yeast barometer qualitative survey conducted among 2,000 French, Moroccan, American and British consumers by Lesaffre in 2021 reveals only 17% were able to give a precise definition of yeast.

Boosting knowledge share

Yeast is present everywhere and can be used for a multitude of applications – from baking, to wellness, to agriculture and even biofuels. It transforms our daily lives – so doesn’t it deserve a better grandstanding?

To help this happen, Lessafre has upgraded its toutsurlalevure (all about yeast) website, which now offers fun and educational info in four languages.

Lesaffre uses the hashtag #PoweredByYeast, which illustrates the passion that drives the company’s experts to explore the superpower and all the benefits that yeast brings in the production of many fermented products, especially in terms of texture, taste and nutritional composition.

The platform – designed with better fluidity in navigation – offers articles ranging from explaining the difference between natural baking yeast and chemical baking powder, to easy-to-make recipes.

What is yeast? How is it used? Where is it present? What are its health benefits?

The site answers all these questions, but Lesaffre is not planning to sit back on its laurels. Other actions and tools will soon be added to boost the knowledge share with as many people as possible.