You are currently viewing IFT Startup Pavilion promotes climate-smart options ranging from alternative proteins to upcycled ingredients to sustainable grains

Among the more than 40 companies grouped in the Startup Pavilion – located alongside more than 700 other exhibitors and near the business stage – are businesses championing climate smart ingredients ranging from upcycled solutions to more sustainable grains and climate-resistant plants.

Others will display proteins that leverage food-tech or plants to deliver nutrient-dense alternatives to conventional animal-based options.

Alongside these companies are others bringing novel food safety and processing solutions that will also help reduce waste and pollution while also more efficiently using limited resources.

Climate-smart and -resilient plants offer alternatives to resource-intensive crops  

Ingredients that offer more but require less are gaining traction with food and beverage companies that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and meet consumer demand for more sustainable products.

At IFT’s Startup Pavilion, Sustain-A-Grain, Terviva, Banzo Brands and ChickP are all using more sustainable alternatives to common, and potentially more resource-intense, ingredients.

For example, Sustain-A-Grain (booth #S4287-E) is leading grower and supplier of Kernza – a perennial intermediate wheatgrass developed at The Land Institute and grown in the Midwest that efficiently sequester carbon  and uptake hard to access nutrients and water with its long roots that extend 10 feet or more into the ground. The plant also is more prolific than annual wheat.

Food and ag company Terviva (S4286-E) also is fostering development of another carbon sequestering powerhouse – the pongamia tree, which helps improve soil health and water quality in land that is too harsh for other crops – while also producing an abundant, protein- and oil-rich legumes.