You are currently viewing $15,000 bounty up for grabs to unlock the power of AgTech to solve food insecurity

Smallholder farmers can play a huge role in solving the world food shortage, improving food safety and addressing food security issues.

It is on this premise that the Ocean Protocol-Dimitra partnership is built, to drive the next the next generation of agricultural solutions using data.

As part of this vision, 100 million smallholder farmers will be empowered to maximise yields and mitigate operational losses by 2024 through open access to relevant, valuable data-driven information.

Ocean Protocol is the Web3 platform spearheading the movement to unlock the ‘New Data Economy’, by breaking down down data silos and opening access to quality data.

Ocean’s intuitive marketplace tech allows data to be published, discovered and consumed in a secure, privacy-preserving manner. By giving power back to data owners, Ocean resolves the tradeoff between using private data and the risks of exposing it.

Meanwhile, Dimitra’s mission is to place tech in the hands of small farmers around the world, to enhance productivity and therefore the lives of farmers, improve food safety and enable greater food security globally.

Ideation Bounty competition

The competition – aimed at the global community of data scientists – is divided into two phases and has a total prize pool of $15,000, payable in Ocean + DMTR tokens.

“Data bounties will help to activate a global community of data scientists to build context around data,”​ said Ocean founder Bruce Pon.

“We’re excited to kick off this data bounty programme with Dimitra to accelerate data-driven innovation in agriculture. By incentivising scientific participation, we hope to gather insights and ideas to solve pressing agricultural challenges at a global level.”