You are currently viewing Zero Waste Boxes allow eco-conscious bakery and snack producers to recycle once ‘unrecyclable’ equipment

With a growing spotlight on the waste crisis, the boxes provide an answer for food manufacturers to tranquilly continue using equipment that is typically not collected by councils and waste management companies for recycling.

Items like hair nets, earplugs, disposable gloves and safety equipment are considered ‘hard-to-recycle’ due to the mix of materials they contain that makes separating and processing too complex and expensive.

TerraCycle, however, does recycle these items, and is providing its Zero Waste Boxes to eco-conscious producers to fill with the relevant waste.

Once full, prepaid shipping labels enables the box to be returned to TerraCycle’s Materials Recovery Facility, where its contents are sorted into categories based on material composition. This is stored and aggregated until the necessary volumes for processing have been achieved, and then sent on to third-party processing partners that recycle the materials into usable forms.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Zero Waste Boxes are easy to set up and use, making them the perfect option for manufacturers, as well as households, schools, businesses and events looking to offset their impact and reduce their environmental footprint.

There are four boxes in the range, each designed for specific waste, namely the Safety Equipment and Protective Gear Zero Waste Box; the Disposable Gloves Zero Waste Box; the Disposable Gloves and Face Masks Zero Waste Box; and the Beard Nets and Hair Nets Zero Waste Box.

The cost of the box covers the box itself, shipping, storage at the Materials Recovery Facility and processing costs, as well as the costs of transporting and sorting the waste.