You are currently viewing Paulig shoots for European Tex Mex leadership with new tortilla factory in Belgium

The taste for Tex Mex is rapidly on the rise among Europeans, with Paulig Group accounting more than half its €966m revenue in 2021 to the Tex Mex market. In addition, the Helsinki-based organisation is known for its snacks, coffees and spices, sold in 70 markets worldwide.

The 10,000m² plant boasts three production lines, producing tortillas for the Santa Maria and Poco Loco brands, as well as private labels. It also has the capacity to produce tortillas without wheat flour and gluten.

Paulig tortilla 1

Tortilla production line

Double turnover

“This €45 million investment facilitates future growth and strengthens our position as the Tex Mex market leader in Europe,”​ said Rolf Ladau, CEO of the Paulig Group.

“This market is growing rapidly in Europe and our new tortilla factory allows us to seize the opportunities available to us.

“Our ambition is to double our turnover in the European Tex Mex market, and this new plant is an essential element to achieve this. In addition, the plant strengthens our innovation capabilities by allowing us to further develop the Tex Mex market.”

The investment is also expected to create more than 60 new jobs: mainly for operators, technicians, team leaders and warehousemen, including several positions to support the growth of other departments.

“The city of Roeselare is very honoured by Paulig’s trust by investing more in our city, known as the Food Valley of Flanders,”​ said Kris Declercq, mayor of Roeselare.

“The high quality of its products, the sustainable approach and the enthusiasm of future employees prove that the goals and ambitions of Paulig and our city encompass and even strengthen our long-standing partnership.”