You are currently viewing Clean Oil Crew enlists new members, ramps up message that its ‘cool to be clean’

According to the coalition’s website, these brands have already made a conscious effort to keep industrial oils out of their products by using cleaner oils like butter, ghee, olive, avocado, coconut and nut oils.

After a successful launch earlier this year at Expo West and a direct-to-consumer limited edition starter pack, the Clean Oil Crew is taking a stronger stand on the conversation at Expo East (28 September-1 October) with a new logo that provides an identifiable stamp for consumers to instantly recognise products made with better-for-you oils.

We have been conscious about the ingredients we use since day one because we define better-for-you as minimal processing – just like you would make it at home,”​ said Charles Coristine, CEO of LesserEvil.

“Vegetable and seed oils ​are becoming more and more common in our natural food world, which is why we called upon A Dozen Cousins, Cappello’s, Primal Kitchen and Rind Snacks to help us educate consumers about the processing of clean oils and the benefits of these oils to human health.

“We want everyone to join us and redefine what it means to be a clean brand and conscious consumer.”

LesserEvil produces organic popcorn, puffs, grain-free snacks and cookies; Rind is a brand of dried fruit products featuring the peel, which packs in more nutrition and reduces food waste;​ A Dozen Cousins offers ready-to-eat products inspired by Creole, Caribbean and Latin American recipes; Cappello’s makes grain-free pasta, frozen pizza and vegan cookie dough made with almond flour; and Primal Kitchen creates condiments, sauces, cooking oils and pantry staples that are free from dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar and soy.