You are currently viewing ‘It isn’t about just one ingredient, it’s about a tailored system’: ADM steps up to help bakers navigate the challenges

The fully integrated American multinational was founded in 1902, and operates over 270 plants and 420 crop procurement facilities worldwide, where cereal grains and oilseeds are processed into innovative plant-based products that support healthier living.

“We’re really excited because we are on this journey of evolution – beyond just an ingredient supplier – to be real baking solutions partner,”​ Paula LaBine, ADM’s marketing director for Milling & Starch told BakeryandSnacks at the recent IBIE in Las Vegas.

“This is about bringing leading edge innovations the baking space hasn’t seen before and combining it with our technical expertise.”

different flours including durum wheat Biserka Stojanovik

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Cutting-edge concepts

The company was showcasing three concepts designed to tackle the key global trends – from holistic wellbeing support, including physical and emotional wellness, to lifestyle diets, such as keto, gluten-free and flexitarian.

The Biotic Blueberry Apple Crisp Bar was made with plant proteins, prebiotic fibre, probiotics and postbiotics, “so it’s got the entire microbiome solution,”​ added Jeff Hodges, manager of Bakery, Snacks and Confections, Creation, Design & Development.

“It also heavily features our flavour ingredients, but also our wholesome ingredient solutions … and shows what is possible in other baked goods. So, even if you’re not a bar manufacturer – maybe cookies, muffins or something else – this solution will work across the industry.”

The second concept on the show floor was a Spicy Garlic Low Carb Cracker featuring culinary-inspired flavours, fibre, ancient grains and extra protein.