You are currently viewing Kröner-Stärke celebrates new ingredients hub

Located close to its laboratory facility, the development kitchen will enable client meetings to take a more practical approach to ingredients and recipe development.

The company’s food technologists are able to demonstrate the suitability of specific ingredients for a product or group of products such as pastries or breads. This way, clients can immediately see results and give valuable feedback, speeding up the development process.

Kröner-Sstärke has more than 100 years of experience in starch production, but also develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of food ingredients including baked goods, convenience products and dietetic products, and has a reputation for technical excellence in new product development.

Huge step forward

The German ingredients specialist forecasts a continued increase in demand for functional ingredients and has tailored its portfolio to help product developers meet specific consumer demands. With Europe experiencing an upward trend in the plant-based and flexitarian trends, for example, Kröner-Stärke’s range of spelt-based ingredients is proving particularly popular.

With consumer interest in functional food on a trajectory rise, the R&D centre is designed to walk through a customer’s development process and share ideas within a short time frame. In fact, results from the analysis are available immediately, which enables further changes and product improvements, if needed, without time lost or costs incurred.


“Again all odds and even working through the Covid pandemic, we are fully operational now and meeting with clients to develop ideas in the kitchen together,”​ said commercial manager Henrik de Vries.