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According to Sokol Custom Food Ingredients – a family-owned company that has been developing custom food formulations for 125 years – its almond paste is the leader in the category in the US and is ideally suited to help bakers add a nutty note and sweetness to a broad range of products.

Better still, with ingredient prices spiking around the globe, Sokol’s almond paste is 100% American-made, meaning lower freight costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

“Many almond paste products are sourced and produced overseas, leading to rising costs and supply chain concerns,”​ said Shannon Pimmel, marketing manager of Sokol.

“Our almond paste is 100% American-made, creating a more dependable supply chain, lowering freight costs and ensuring top quality to all customers.

“We can also accommodate any need for kosher, halal, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO manufacturing.”

Six generations of dedication


Almond paste. Pic: Sokol

Sokol’s almond paste is manufactured in a kosher-approved, SQF-certified processing facility in Countryside, Illinois, and can be shipped anywhere in the US in catering sizes for inhouse bakeries, foodservice and large-scale baking operations.

Although often connected with marzipan – and thus Christmas – almond paste is actually quite different. It has a coarser texture but is much softer than marzipan, which allows it to be spread as a filling. Unlike marzipan, almond paste holds up in baking.

“Almond paste is a baking staple used in many well-loved baked goods recipes, such as bear claws where its rich almondy sweetness can elevate a recipe,”​ added Pimmel.