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Blondie cake with cream cheese frosting

Dawn Foods has kicked off a new campaign to highlight some of the best loved American sweet bakes with several new products to be launched across 2023, starting with a blondie mix.

Available in 3.5kg bags, bakers need to add water, melted butter and white chocolate chunks to the blondie mix which is made with natural flavours and colours as well as free range eggs. Blondies have notes of caramel and butterscotch thanks to the inclusion of brown sugar which adds moistness, chewiness, and a rich molasses flavour, Dawn said.

As well as blondies, the mix can also be used to make signature products by adding fillings such as peanut butter, toppings, and decorations as the batter is highly tolerant so holds inclusions well, according to Dawn Foods.

Blondies are increasing in popularity with Innova Database noting 24% global growth in brownie and blondie launches in 2021 versus 2020, with products currently on the market including maple & hazelnut blondies, espresso roast blondies and raspberry blondies.

“Today’s consumers – especially younger generations – love American-style products but are looking for new takes on sweet bakery favourites,” said Jacqui Passmore, Dawn Foods marketing manager UK and Ireland. “A blondie gives them the indulgent, moist eating quality of a chocolate brownie but with a caramel taste.”

According to Dawn Foods’ Global Bakery Survey Europe 2022, 81% of UK consumers have tried an American sweet bakery product and enjoyed it, with those in the Gen Z and Millennials demographic groups more likely to choose American bakes.

American flavours and products continue to entice British consumers with the likes of salted caramel, toasted S’mores and pumpkin spice among some of the flavours expected to dominate the cake market in 2023.