House Milled Cornbread

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This fresh-milled whole grain cornbread makes use of antique mushito corn and pima club soft white wheat for deep as well as scrumptious flavors and a wonderful soft structure. Yellow mushito corn has a bright color, fluffy appearance, and also notes of cheese rind in its flavor; while pima club...

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Finsbury, Krispy Kreme and Gü launching new bakery products

TGI Fridays branded traybake desserts, flavoured gluten-free shortbread, cookie-topped doughnuts as well as mousse with a biscuit layer are among the most up to date products to hit racks. A Chocolate Rocky Road traybake featuring a belgian milk as well as the same sponge delicious chocolate ganache icing sprinkled with chocolate...

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Whole Grain Sourdough Baguettes

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Filled with air pockets and a tender, chewy crumb, these whole grain baguettes defy refined-flour baguette tradition and challenge all expectations of how a fiber-full wheat flour should behave. ...

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Whole Grain Sourdough Pizza

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This whole grain sourdough pizza is nothing less than amazing. The hard red winter wheat flour yields a fiber-full nutritious pizza with a lovely, airy texture and a richer, fuller, less generic flavor than most white flour pizzas. ...

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